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Celebrate The Second Hundred Years Of The Music Of George Gershwin With Dr. Alicia Zizzo

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George Gershwin wrote over 1,000 songs, but much of his classical piano music – as he originally wrote it – was lost since the 1920s. The piano pieces that were available were heavily edited, truncated or incomplete – UNTIL NOW.

Embarking on a historical musical “dig”, Dr. Alicia Zizzo, one of America’s most eminent classical pianists and scholars, discovered and restored Gershwin’s classical piano music from his own hand-written fragments, sketches and original manuscripts.

A find for pianists everywhere, Dr. Zizzo’s Alfred Publications’ editions of Rhapsody in Blue (based entirely on his own manuscript), The Complete Gershwin Preludes (all seven fully restored), a piano suite from Shall We Dance, The I Got Rhythm Variations for piano solo, Lullaby and other unpublished manuscripts for solo-piano are now available at all fine music stores or through

Dr. Zizzo’s internationally acclaimed performances of these works and the Concerto in F, as well as Seven Miniatures in Gershwin’s Hand were recorded by Carlton Classics on Gershwin Rediscovered, Volume I and Volume II. Her solo piano performances have now been reissued on George Gershwin, The Original Manuscripts (MSR Classics) and Rhythm and Hues – Music of Gershwin and Chopin (4Tay Records).

You can read several of her important articles about Gershwin’s music online at the following addresses:

On George Gershwin and Elitism

Forward To ‘I Got Rhythm Variations’

The Rhapsody in Blue: What Gershwin Really Wrote

Rubatos, Preludes and George Gershwin

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Dr. Alicia Zizzo is a Steinway Artist.

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