Woman In Darkness

Music for theater, cabaret and concert stage by Herbert A. Deutsch, with the composer on keyboards and the American Chamber Ensemble and others
Music from the 1980s and 1990s by American composer and electronic music pioneer Herbert A. Deutsch. Including his music for theater, cabaret and concert stage, with marvelous performances by the American Chamber Ensemble, pianist Nancy Deutsch, soprano Grace Anderson, flutist Patricia Spencer and others, this disk displays the full range of the composer’s acoustic and electronic compositions. Set to a variety of text sources, with several pieces incorporating synthesizers or electronic tape, these works reflect women’s points of view throughout the ages, and are written and performed with unusual sensitivity.

“all the music is performed and recorded with great professionalism. If the classical side of Andrew Lloyd Webber appeals to you…add this disc to your collection.”

“Herbert A. Deutsch … is comfortable in a host of musical styles, from cabaret to musical theater to concert style. His best pieces, like Measure for Measure Fantasy, have the same kind of accessible irony that Kurt Weill has.”

More about Herbert Deutsch at https://www.hofstra.edu/faculty/fac_profiles.cfm?id=352


  • Prelude & Mazurka – Nancy Deutsch , piano
  • Woman in Darkness – text by Virginia Terris – The American Chamber Ensemble (clarinetist Naomi Drucker, pianist Blanche Abram and soprano Deirdre Kingsbury)

Measure for Measure Fantasy – Patricia Spencer, flute, with tape accompaniment

  • Prelude


  • Claudio & Juliet’s love song
  • Claudio’s death sentence
  • Finale

3 Songs from the Vision of Isaiah – Grace Anderson, soprano, Nancy Deutsch, piano

  • I
  • II
  • III
  • Abyss – text by Sonia Usatch – Grace Anderson, soprano, Patricia Spencer, piccolo
  • Sunbeam’s Soliloquy – from the opera DORIAN – Grace Anderson, soprano, Daniel Blau, tenor, with tape accompaniment


  • A Birthday Gift- text by Herbert Deutsch – Edward Valenti, tenor, Nancy Deutsch, piano
  • Sleight of Hand – text by Herbert Deutsch and Karen Saunders – Karen Saunders, alto, with tape accompaniment