Turn of the Century

Turn of the Century by Jerry Rizzi and Friend
“Turn Of The Century” CD is about the passing of a torch from one turn ofthe century to the next. Throughout history, this passing has always been a significant period of time – from the 1890s to the early 20th Century; from the 1990s to the dawn of the 21st Century – filled with melancholy for the past and hope for new beginning. Influences in art, music and architecture from the turn of the previous century are still experienced in many cities throughout the world. The 19th Century European style architecture in New York City was a direct result of the desire to create an art and cultural center in America. New York City in particular, where many of the accompanying booklet’s images are set, still lives with these influences. Musically the ‘Turn of The Century’ CD is an eclectic blend of classical, 20th century chamber music, jazz, poetry and many sights, sounds and experiences that the art and cultural center of America has to offer. Reflective in mood, the CD captures the character of these times when we consider the past and the future coming together as one – The Turn of the Century

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  1. Turn of the Century prelude in D minor

2. Turn of the Century 2nd movement of ‘Autumn’s Passage’

3. Woodwind Quintet #1

4. Blue Horizon

5. Not Just Another Day

6. When It’s Right

7. A Summer’s Lament excerpts from ‘A Summer Cadence’

8. 2nd movement Woodwind Quintet #2

9. A Summer’s Lament variations on ‘A Summer Cadence’ 2nd movement Woodwind Quintet #2

10. Wakened Dreams (jazz ballet) 1st movement

11. Forgotten Friend A tribute to Jazz guitarist Joe Monk

12. Wakened Dreams (jazz ballet) 3rd movement