Choral Music by Judith Lang Zaimont, Music of Judith Lang Zaimont The Choral Music Society of Southern California Nick Strimple, Conductor

“This new release is devoted to Judith Lang Zaimont’s sacred and secular choral music, mainly from the 1970’s and is written in an immediately accessible melodic style. Sunnay Airs and Sober…The five texts are supplied by Shakespeare, Shelley, and Gay/Herrick, with the music graphically picturing the words, and tempos nicely juxtaposed to create a well-balanced cycle of works.

The Choral Society of Southern California is obviously a very fine choir, with a good and just balance of male and female voices. Zaimont’s scores are rooted in the tonal music of the Romantic era…(these works) will delight those who believe that music should be readily accessible to performers and listeners. The recording quality is good, placing soloists, choir and accompaniment in a natural perspective.”

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2 .Meditations At the Time of New Year

   I. Dawn
   II. Hope

4. A Question Answered; Winter Mourning; Sigh No More, Ladies;

5. Come Away, Death; Life is a Jest

6. Excerpts from Sacred Service for the Sabbath Evening