Les Oiseaux des Proie

ENSEMBLE ACKERMAN BOB ACKERMAN, Saxophones, Flutes, Clarinets & Voice Pam Purvis, voices Bob Hovey, trombone, phonograph & voice Dominic Duval, bass Herb Fisher & Tom Sayek, drums & percussion Herb Robertson, cornet, flutes, whistles & voice

Fascinating new jazz experiments and improvisations from Ensemble Ackerman. An album of free, experiential jazz from these acclaimed multi-instrumental and vocal artists.


1. Improvisation I – Presentation des oiseaux

2. Improvisation II

3. Improvisation III – L’attaque des oiseaux

4. Improvisation IV

5. Improvisation V – Les oiseaux de proie

6. Improvisation VI

7. Improvisation VII – Les oiseaux en brochettes