Kim Mihri/ Who Is Mihri

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Composed and orchestrated by Eleni Lomvardou.

4Tay Records is proud to present Kim Mihri/ Who Is Mihri. The film tells painter Mihri’s untold story. Director Berna Gençalp decided to trace Mihri’s journey from late Ottoman era Istanbul onward to Rome, Paris, and New York. The composer says, “I did not know much about Mihri before getting involved in this project, but the more I learnt about her as a painter, a pioneer, an adventurer, a fighter, a dreamer, the more I identified with her, developed great respect and admiration for her. Her art, her life, her passion, her work, her dedication, deserve to gain worldwide appreciation and recognition, for she is the female artist that could and should set an example for all of us to get inspired by and follow. And this is exactly what I hope for, that this film will bring her back to life to motivate and encourage young women all over the world to follow their dreams with no fear.”

Born in Athens, Greece, award-winning film composer Eleni Lomvardou holds a Master’s degree from NYU in Film Scoring and Music Technology and a Bachelors in Music Composition from The Crane School of Music at State University of New York. Lomvardou is a film and media music composer, producer, and studio owner. She was awarded Best Composer at the New York Independent Cinema Awards, the Berlin International Art Film Festival, and the Hong Kong Indie Film Festival in 2021 and won Best Original Music in a Play at the 2015-16 Cyprus Theatre Awards. She has composed for numerous international films, documentaries, television programs, and theatre performances. In collaboration with New York choreographers, Lomvardou has written music for productions participating in dance festivals in Greece, New York and Washington, D.C. She also collaborated on an interactive video art exhibition with the Athens School of Fine Arts and the Paris 8, CITU research center of paragraphe laboratory that was shown at the Benaki Museum in Athens and the Future en Seine Festival in Paris. Her music airs regularly on classical radio programs, featured on stations such as National Greek Radio, BR-Klassik Bavarian Broadcasting, WQXR FM, and WPRB FM in New York. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Manhattan Producers Alliance and the International Alliance for Women in Music, and has proudly licensed her music for performances in Jazz and Classical venues all over the world.



  1. Mirhi’s Journey
  2. Inquisitive Spirit I
  3. Inquisitive Spirit II
  4. Inquisitive Spirit III
  5. From Istanbul to Rome
  6. Unveiled
  7. Letta Goes to the Ball
  8. Expressions
  9. The Serene Nude
  10. Blue and Black
  11. Drawn in Paris
  12. Girls Outside
  13. Roots
  14. In Rome Again
  15. New York is Calling
  16. Spirit in Motion
  17. Missing Pieces
  18. Mihri’s Journey/End Credits
  19. Drawn in Paris (Extended)
  20. Missing Pieces II