Inner Astronomy

Music by Molly Pease/Poetry by Randall Pease, a marvelous cantata for voice and strings
4Tay CD4056

4Tay Records is proud to present Inner Astronomy, a marvelous new cantata for voice and strings, with music by Molly Pease, based on poems by her father Randall Pease.

The composer writes, “When I was a child, Dad would storytell me to sleep. In every one of these stories, though often very different from each other – sometimes scary, bizarre, or romantic – I was the heroine. The most memorable story Dad told me before bed was the one where I turned into a bird. In the story, I started as a girl living in the tower of a castle, overlooking forests and mountains. Dad was a character in the story too, a father who really loved his daughter, and wanted her to be safe, and I was the daughter, wide-eyed and imaginative. Every day, I would stare out the tower window, wondering what was out there in the world for me to experience, to create, to feel…”

“The poems in Inner Astronomy were written during some of those dark days, when Dad was struggling with severe depression and recovering from addiction. When he sent them to me, I was living in New York, having spread my wings, pursuing my dreams, embracing my creativity and seeking new adventures, just as he had taught me to do through his bedtime stories.”

Performers are Molly Pease, Kathryn Shuman, Sharon Chohi Kim and Lauren Davis, vocals, Rachel Iba and Nigel Deane, violin; Patrick Benkhe, viola, Tal Katz, cello and Miller Wrenn, bass.


1. Recovery Family

2. Tree’s Me

3. Deer Proud of our Climbs

4. From I to We

5. Higher Power

6. My Son My One

7. Ripen Rebirth

8. Tree Universal Path