Laura Venditti
4Tay CD4044 ASIN: 8151540442

This collection of diverse modern composers illustrates what a creative mind can do with saxophones and electronics. In performances that spaces avant garde in the classical sense, Laura Venditti moves with virtuoso ease and ability, for an interesting and courageous proposal.

Audio Samples

1. The Garden of Love (Jacob TV)

2. Appunti di Viaggio (Paolo Rotilli)

3. Counterpoint For Laura (Raffaele Riccardi)

4. Penelope’s Song (Judith Shatin)

5. SaxOut! (Gustavo Adolfo Delgado/Francesco Maggio)

6. Jabberwocky (Raffaele Riccardi)

7. Jackdaw (Wayne Siegel)

8. Trama Filante (Giorgio Nottoli)