Johannes Brahms — 10 Hungarian Dances for solo piano

Pianist Nada

4Tay Records is proud to present Johannes Brahms — 10 Hungarian Dances for solo piano, performed by Pianist Nada.

Very early on, the young composer was exposed to Hungarian folk music in Hamburg. His first concerts tours were with a Hungarian violinist Ede Reményi, and he often must have arranged de facto in concerts, some of of the themes which his partner would improvise on. This Gypsy-style music, the Czardas, inspired him to write several Hungarian dances where the Hungarian idiom is totally integrated as his own. From the 21 he wrote first for piano four hands, ten were transcribed by the composer for piano solo only and were published in 1872 under no opus number. They transcend the piano sound into unmatched symphonic proportions.


A United States citizen of Lebanese/Hungarian descent, Pianist Nada is a native of Beirut, Lebanon. Her piano training was hampered by the unrelenting civil war and terrorism which also cost her mother’s life. Since then,she has created a career with tremendous depth and breadth. She has just completed the recording of all solo piano works by Johannes Brahms. Visit for more information about her.



  1. No 1 in G minor        3:18
  2. No 2 in D minor        3:50
  3. No 3 in F Major         2:27
  4. No 4 in F # minor      6:02
  5. No 5 in F # minor      2.34
  6. No 6 in D flat Major   4:30
  7. No 7 in F Major         2:08
  8. No 8 in A minor         3:40
  9. No 9 in E minor         2:26
  10. No 10 in E Major       2:25