The Hallelujah Tree

Laurel Ann Maurer, flute, piccolo and alto flute Manah Atanessyan, harp John Warner Jensen, piano Serenade Chamber Orchestra of Armenia Jeff Manookian, conductor
4Tay CD4029 ASIN: B000AL4Y2O


“Highly recommended…The Kupferman work is harmonically lush, virtuosic and beautifully performed. (Dana Paul Perna’s) Three Conversations Between Two Flutists is a demanding duet, well performed here by Maurer and (Suzanne) Duffy; their tones, vibratos and articulation lengths match so well that the result could have been that of overdubbing by one player.”


“This is an adventurous and wide-ranging survey of works that owe their genesis to the very able soloist and are played by her with great finesse.” Read the entire review here.

Audio Samples

1. The Hallelujah Tree for flute, harp and strings – Meyer Kupferman

2. Three Conversations Between Two Flutists – Dana Paul Perna

3. Sonata for Piccolo and Piano – Jeff Manookian

4. Ancient Wing for solo flute – Miguel Chuaqui

5. Deux Berceuses for flute and piano – Dana Paul Pern