Sawing to New Heights

Music of Steve Margoshes, with Saw Virtuoso Dale Stuckenbruck

Original and beautiful sounds for the musical saw and piano by the renowned composer of Fame, Steve Margoshes, featuring sawist Dale Stuckenbruck, with the composer on piano.

“Between the kazoo and the swanee whistle lies the Serengeti of musical paraphernalia in which the musical saw takes its prominent place. Here it rises to Romantic heights (the first movement of the Neapolitan Serenade for instance) with a fervour that quivers with metallic intensity. The duo even manage to invest the music with romanticised gesture ­ where the rallentandi in “The Dream” Theme are apt and wavery with import. In October Song composer Margoshes threatens a Bachian Fugue ­ and cultivates other devices as registral leaps (fine left hand blade bending from Struckenbruck) and a kind of Mischa Elmanesque long bow…the disc comes obviously with the composer-performer¹s imprimatur (fine piano playing from Margoshes in Procession For Two).”

1. I Want to Make Magic – from the Musical Fame .

2. Neopolitan Serenade

3. “The Dream” Theme .

4. Let’s Play A Love Scene – from the Musical Fame

5. Procession for Two

6. Fatima’s Theme

7. A Chinese Melody

8. October Song

9. Song Without Words

10. Bring on Tomorrow – from Fame