featuring the Binelli-Ferman Duo, a unique bandoneon/piano partnership, performing tango, milonga and candombe with the Montevideo Philharmonic
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Daniel Binelli is an internationally renowned master of the bandoneon, acclaimed as the foremost exponent and torchbearer of the music of Astor Piazzolla. As a composer, many international orchestras, ensembles, Tango companies and soloists have commissioned and/or performed his works.

Pianist Polly Ferman is one of the leading interpreters of the music of the Americas. Her extensive tours as a soloist have included performances with orchestras around the world, as well as recitals on four continents.

Together, Binelli and Ferman continue to develop and further the appreciation of tango, milonga, candombe, and other Latin American musical forms in this unique bandoneon/piano partnership. Since making their American duo debut in January 2000 in New York City, they have toured extensively and performed throughout Asia, including Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai, as well as in Australia, Switzerland, France, Portugal and, in the U.S., New York, Chicago, Colorado, Dallas, Fort Worth and Miami.

Their performances reflect the elegance and subtlety of the Tango, the sauciness of the Milonga, the romance of the Waltz, and the temperament and power of contemporary Tango.

Audio Samples

1. A Fuego Lento – Horacio Salgan

2. Milonga Casi Candombe – Horacio Salgan

3. A Don Agustín Bardi – Horacio Salgan

4. Preludio y Candombe – Daniel Binelli

5. Metrópolis – Daniel Binelli

6. Imágenes de Buenos Aires – Daniel Binelli

7. Oblivión – Astor Piazzolla

8. Tres Tangos Sinfónicos – Astor Piazzolla

9. Alfonsina Y El Mar – Ariel Ramires