December 1, 2008
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Orchestral Recommendations From Our Composers

Jeffrey James Arts Consulting is proud to represent a wide spectrum of American composers. We recently asked each of them to give us a list of their favorite orchestral compositions from their catalogs, which we would like to recommend to you for your consideration. Almost all of these works are recorded commercially and scores are available from their publishers. If you'd like to see scores and/or recordings of these fine works, please contact us at 516-586-3433 or You can also find individual composer websites or web pages at

Beth Anderson -
Three Swales For String Orchestra, includes Kentucky Swale, Blue Bell Swale and March Swale
Mourning Dove Swale
July Swale
Minnesota Swale

James Cohn -
Symphony No. 3
Waltz in D
Variations on "John Henry"
Variations on "The Wayfaring Stranger"
A Song of the Waters (Variations on "Shenandoah")
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

Michael Colina -
"The Isles of Shoals" Concerto for flute and orchestra in three movements
Goyescana Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra
Los Caprichos for Orchestra
Shadow of Urbano for Solo Piano & String Orchestra

Lawrence Dillon -
Wright Flight for three actors and orchestra
Snegglish Dances
Symphony No. 1
Schumann Trilogy (available 2009)
Orpheus in the Afterworld (flute and orchestra)

Salvatore Di Vittorio -
Sinfonia No. 1, "Isolation"
Sinfonia No. 2, "Lost Innocence"
Elegy for full orchestra
Respighiana, Overtura per orchestra (available 2009)

Steven R. Gerber -
Violin Concerto
Symphony #1
Viola Concerto
Dirge and Awakening
Serenade for String Orchestra
Fanfare for the Voice of A-M-E-R-I-C-A

Brian Wilbur Grundstrom -
Suite for Chamber Orchestra (Before the Fall, Avalon, Celebration)
Contentment, Poem for Orchestra
Jubilation! Dance for Orchestra

Barbara Harbach -
Veneration for Orchestra
Frontier Fancies for violin and Orchestra
Arcadian Reverie for String Orchestra
Rhapsody Jardine for Oboe and String Orchestra
One of Ours - A Cather Symphony
The Soul of Ra

Christopher Kaufman -
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
The Gardens of Lemuria
Tales of the Ocean City Suite

Elodie Lauten - Gypsy Variations (violin concerto)
Harmonic Protection Circle for Orchestra
Economy for orchestra
Orfreo (chamber opera)
The Two-Cents Opera (chamber opera)
Waking in New York (chamber opera)
The Death of Don Juan (chamber opera)

Benjamin Lees -
Piano Trio #2 "Silent Voices."
String Quartet #5 and #6
Sonata for Cello and Piano
Sonata for Violin and Piano #3
"Fantasy Variations" for piano
"Invenzione" for solo violin
"Odyssey No.2" for piano solo

Dan Locklair -
Symphony of Seasons - Symphony No. 1
Concerto for Harp and Orchestra
Creation's Seeing Order (A Prelude for Orchestra)
HUES for orchestra
Three Brief Tone Poems: I.Cloudburst; II.Moonshine; III.Sunburst.
In the Autumn Days, A Symphony for Chamber Orchestra
When Morning Stars Begin to Fall, A Tone Poem for Orchestra
"Ere long we shall see...", Concerto Brevis for Organ and Orchestra

Judith Sainte Croix -
Vision I
Love Brings Good Fortune
Burning in the center for chorus and orchestra
Gateway for jazz drummer and orchestra

Judith Shatin -
Aura for orchestra
Glyph for solo clarinet or viola, string orchestra and piano
Piping the Earth for orchestra
Ruah for flute and chamber orchestra
Stringing the Bow for string orchestra
The Passion of St. Cecilia for piano and orchestra

Haskell Small -
Suite for Strings and Piano Concertante
Fantasy of the Red-Eyed Creature (orchestra and optional narrator)
Really?, An Orchestral Suite
Double Concerto for Bassoon, Piano and Orchestra
Scraps for orchestra

Joelle Wallach -
"After Alcyon's Dream" for clarinet, viola and piano
"Runes and Ritual" piano quartet for piano, violin, viola and cello
"A Revisitation of Myth" for medium voice, viola and piano
String Quartet I, II or III
"Glancing Below" for violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, 2 percussion and saxophone
"From the Forest of Chimneys" octet for clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, 2 violi, cello and bass

Meira Warshauer -
Symphony No. 1: Living, Breathing Earth
YES! for clarinet and orchestra
Jerusalem, Open Your Gates
Like Streams in the Desert
As the Waters Cover the Sea (a tribute to Mozart)
Beyond the Horizon

David Winkler -
Elements Concerti for violin and string orchestra)
Piano Concerto)
Concerto Green for violin and piano soli and string orchestra)
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra)
Symphony America (Symphony No. 3)

Michael Woods -
Places of Light
String Serenade
Children of the Groove
War, Peace, Anger and Love

Judith Lang Zaimont -
Stillness - Poem for Orchestra
Symphony No. 1
Symphony No. 2 - Remember Me (for Orchestral Strings) includes "Elegy for Strings"
Chroma - Northern Lights Symphony for Wind Orchestra in Three Scenes
Monarchs - Movement for Orchestra
Concerto for Piano and Wind Orchestra 'Solar Traveller'

For recordings, perusal scores or more information about any of these pieces or composers, please contact Jeffrey James Arts Consulting at 516-586-3433 or All of these composers have extensive websites linked to or information available at

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