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45 Grant Ave., Farmingdale, NY 11735 clear     Tel: 516-586-3433   clearE-mail: jamesarts@att.net
American Chamber Ensemble - http://www.jamesarts.com/ace/home.html
Americas Vocal Ensemble - http://www.americasvocalensemble.org/
Canta Libre Chamber Ensemble - http://www.cantalibre.org/
Canticum Novum Singers -  http://canticumnovumsingers.org/
Chamber Orchestra of New York - http://www.chamberorchestraofnewyork.org/
Chamber Players International - http://chamberplayersinternational.com
The Gramercy Brass - http://www.gramercybrass.com/
Lumina String Quartet - http://www.jamesarts.com/lumina/
New York Virtuoso Singers - http://nyvirtuoso.org/
Palisades Virtuosi - http://www.palisadesvirtuosi.org/
Parthenia, A Consort of Viols - http://www.parthenia.org/
Quintet of the Americas - http://www.quintet.org

Pianist Jeffrey Biegel - http://www.cyberecital.com
Flutist Laurel Ann Maurer - http://www.laurelannmaurer.com/
Pianist Mirian Conti - http://www.mirianconti.com/
Pianist Polly Ferman - http://www.pollyferman.net/home/default.asp
Violinist Anastasia Khitruk - http://www.anastasiakhitruk.com/
Pianist Elena Klionsky - http://elenaklionsky.com/
Clarinetist Michael Norsworthy - http://www.michaelnorsworthy.com/
Pianist Joshua Pierce - http://www.jamesarts.com/pierce/index.html
Violinist Zina Schiff - http://www.jamesarts.com/ZINABIO.htm
Pianist/Composer Cesar Vuksic - http://www.jamesarts.com/AVETGOZBA.htm
Pianist/Musicologist Dr. Alicia Zizzo - http://www.jamesarts.com/zizzo/gershwin.htm

Beth Anderson - http://www.beand.com/
Daniel Binelli - http://www.danielbinelli.com/ndb/home/default.asp
James Cohn - http://www.jamesarts.com/CohnBio1001.htm
Lawrence Dillon - http://www.lawrencedillon.com/
Salvatore Di Vittorio - http://www.salvatoredivittorio.com
Joel Feigin - http://www.joelfeigin.com/
Steven R. Gerber - http://www.stevengerber.com/
Charles Griffin - http://www.charlesgriffin.net/
Brian Wilbur Grundstrom - http://www.brianwilbur.com/
Barbara Harbach - http://www.barbaraharbach.com/
Christopher Kaufman - http://www.chkaufman.com/
Meyer Kupferman - http://www.meyerkupferman.com/
Elodie Lauten - http://www.elodielauten.net/
Benjamin Lees - http://www.benjaminlees.com/
Dan Locklair - http://www.locklair.com/
Vivian Adelberg Rudow - http://www.vivianadelbergrudow.com/
Judith Sainte Croix - http://members.tripod.com/J_SC/
Judith Shatin - http://www.judithshatin.com/
Sheila Silver - http://www.sheilasilver.com/
Haskell Small - http://www.haskellsmall.com/
Joelle Wallach - http://www.joellewallach.com/
Meira Warshauer - http://www.meirawarshauer.com/
David Winkler - http://www.davidwinklernyc.org/
Linda Worsley - http://www.ganymuse.com
Judith Lang Zaimont - http://www.jzaimont.com/

Special Attractions
Conductor/Music Director David Handel - http://www.jamesarts.com/artists.htm
Conductor/Music Director Vakhtang Jordania - http://www.jamesarts.com/vakjo2.htm
Conductor Maksim Kuzin - http://www.jamesarts.com/kuzin/index.html
Conductor/Artistic Director Harold Rosenbaum - http://www.haroldrosenbaum.com/
Master Violin Maker Charles Rufino - http://www.rufinoviolins.com
Circle of Dance Repertory Company - http://www.circleofdance.org/

Scholarship Information
Music Educators National Conference — http://www.menc.org

Internet Classical Music Magazines and Review Sites
Classical Voice North Carolina - http://www.cvnc.org
San Francisco Classical Voice - http://www.sfcv.org
New Music Connoisseur (NYC) - http://www.newmusicon.org/
La Scena Musicale - Canadian web magazine - http://www.scena.org
New Music Box - from New Music USA - http://www.newmusicbox.org/index.nmbx
Music & Vision Daily (UK) - http://www.mvdaily.com/
Musical America.com - http://www.musicalamerica.com/
Musica Clasica Argentina - http://www.musicaclasicaargentina.com/
MusicWeb International (UK) - http://www.musicweb-international.com/
Sequenza 21 (NYC) - http://www.sequenza21.com/index.html
Klassiknet - http://www.culturekiosque.com/klassik/
Fan Faire - http://ffaire.com/
Arts Journal - http://www.artsjournal.com/
MundoClasico - Spanish language magazine - http://mundoclasico.com
Gramophone - British magazine - http://www.gramophone.co.uk/
Classics Today – http://www.classicstoday.com/
Chamber Music Magazine – http://www.chamber-music.org/publications/chamber_music.html
BBC Music – http://www.classical-music.com/
Fanfare – http://www.fanfaremag.com/
American Record Guide – http://www.americanrecordguide.com/
Audiophile Audition – http://audaud.com/
International Record Review (UK) – http://recordreview.co.uk/index.php
International Piano (UK) – http://www.rhinegold.co.uk/magazines/international_piano/
Clavier - http://www.claviercompanion.com/
Classical Voice of New England - http://www.cvneweng.org/
Compact Discoveries – http://www.compactdiscoveries.com/
Pytheas Center for Contemporary Music – http://www.pytheasmusic.org/
Classical Net – http://www.classical.net/
Strings – http://www.allthingsstrings.com/
The Strad - http://www.thestrad.com/
Early Music America - http://www.earlymusic.org/

ASCAP - http://www.ascap.com/
BMI - http://www.bmi.com/
American Composers Alliance - http://www.composers.com/
American Composers Forum - http://www.composersforum.org/
American Council for the Arts - http://ww3.artsusa.org/
Chamber Music America - http://www.chamber-music.org/
Meet the Composer - http://www.meetthecomposer.org/
The Center for the Promotion of Contemporary Composers - http://www.under.org/cpcc/
National Endowment for the Arts - http://arts.endow.gov/
Gaudeamus Foundation - http://www.gaudeamus.nl/

CD Stores Online
Amazon.com - http://www.amazon.com/
CD Now/Music Boulevard - http://www.cdnow.com/
Record International - http://www.recordsinternational.com/
Classics Today.com - lots of reviews - http://www.classicstoday.com/
Music Web - more reviews - http://www.musicweb.uk.net/

Record Companies
4Tay Records - http://www.jamesarts.com/4tay.htm
Angelok1 Records - http://www.jamesarts.com/Angelok1.htm
Albany Music - http://www.albanyrecords.com/
Bridge Records - http://www.bridgerecords.com/
New World Records - http://www.newworldrecords.org/
Musicians Showcase Recordings - http://www.msrcd.com/

Music Competitions
Ibla Grand Prize International Foundation - http://www.ibla.org/
Van Cliburn Foundation - http://www.cliburn.org
Paul Robeson Vocal Competition - http://urbanphilharmonic.org/
Career Bridges - works with opera singers at the beginning of their careers - http://www.careerbridges.org/
World Federation of International Music Competitions - http://www.wfimc.org/

Other Sites of Interest
Vocal Area Network - http://www.van.org/vancal.htm
Africlassical.com - http://www.africlassical.com
WQXR Q2 - http://www.wqxr.org/#/q2/
Cadenza Links - a great set of links - http://www.cadenza.org/links/
Yahoo Instrument Discussion Groups - http://launch.dir.groups.yahoo.com/dir/1600031959
Piano Education Page - http://pianoeducation.org/
Piano Lane - http://www.pianolane.com
International Alliance for Women in Music - http://www.iawm.org/
ChoralNet - http://choralnet.org
CEC International Partners (Artslink) - http://www.cecartslink.org/
Trust for Mutual Understanding - http://www.tmuny.org/
U.S. Department of State - http://usembassy.state.gov/



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