The Music of Judith Lang Zaimont can be heard at the following places on the Internet:
From the Neon Rhythm CD (Arabesque Z6667) - Hidden Heritage, Sky Curtains, Doubles, Dance/Inner Dance - and CDNow

From the Zones CD (Arabesque Z6683) - Russian Summer - Piano Trio No. 1 -
Zones - Piano Trio No. 2 -

From the Summer Melodies CD (4Tay CD 4001) - all tracks - and CDNow

From The Vocal-Chamber Art (Leonarda LE 343) - Greyed Sonnets, Chansons Nobles et Sentimentales, Songs of Innocence, Two Songs for Soprano and Harp, The Magic World -, CDNow and Leonarda -

From The American Chamber Ensemble CD (Leonarda LE 329) - From the Great Land Leonarda -

From the Florilegium Chamber Choir CD (Leonarda LE 329) - Serenade: To Music and Parable: A Tale of Abram and Isaac - Leonarda -

From the When Angels Speak CD (Troy 246) - When Angels Speak for wind quintet -

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