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4Tay CD4047   ASIN: 8158540472

Musical Fantasy
Works by Shie Rozow

Shie Rozow is a composer, music editor and music supervisor for film, TV and interactive media.

"While I love film music, I realized I had spent my entire career working on music for other people - the purpose of my work was always to serve the filmmakers. And so I decided...(on) producing an album of original music written for no other reason than the unadulterated love of music."

Shie Rozow: composer
Robert Thies - Piano
Brian O'Connor - French Horn
The Lyris Quartet:
Alyssa Park - Violin
Shalini Vijayan - Violin
Luke Maurer - Viola
Timothy Loo - Cello


  1. Fantasia Appassionata (Inspired by Alice Herz-Sommer)
  2. Expedition I. Fantasy in Flight
  3. Expedition II. Destination Unknown
  4. Expedition III. Journey
  5. Expedition IV. Uncharted Territory
  6. Esmé's Moon (For Esmé)
  7. Old Friends
  8. Ananke