4Tay CD4045   ASIN: 8151540452

The Last Slide of Summer
Opening Flowers Sextet

"...the complex colours of the many backgrounds of the six musicians, magically subsumed by the genius of Keith Tippett. The music flows freely across the patterns or stylistic boundaries, moving between improvisational jazz, ethno jazz, progressive rock, experimental and ambient, with glimpses of contemporary classical music."

Keith Tippett: piano and piano interiors, woodblocks, pebbles, maraca, music boxes
Bruno Morello: saxes: tenor, baritone, alto and soprano
Anna Ventimiglia: flues: sprano, alto bass
Paolo Battaglia: guitars (left)
Maurizio Morello: guitars (right)
Antonio Moncada: drums and tools


  1. The Butterfly in the Rainforest
  2. Strange Ensemble
  3. Sicilian Portrait
  4. Human Satellite
  5. Paco
  6. The Search of a Bumblebee
  7. Kandinsky
  8. Il Canto Delle Balene
  9. Spire and Fire
  10. The Last Slide of Summer