4Tay - Wallach - The Door Standing Open

4Tay CD4034   UPC#681585403427

The Door Standing Open

Songs and Chamber Music
from Joelle Wallach

The Door Standing Open celebrates composer Joelle Wallach's ongoing engagement with vocal music, with melody and with her conviction of their connection to the collective unconscious through folk music and musical gesture. The songs selected reach through several decades and touch many interests and issues in Wallach's life. The two non-vocal chamber works grew directly from the songs represented before them on the disk.

Performers are University of North Texas Conductors String Quartet; Tenor Stephen Alexander Carroll; Soprano Marie Therese Mattingly; Mezzo-soprano Avis Stroud; Baritone Jeffrey Snider; Violinist Felix Olschofka,, Violist Susan Dubois, Cellist Nikola Ruzevic and Pianist Pamela Mia Paul.

American composer Joelle Wallach writes expressive and beautiful music for orchestra, chamber ensembles, solo voices and choruses. Visit her at http://www.joellewallach.com/.

  1. The Cloths of Heaven
  2. Epistolary
  3. Making Love to the Milkman
  4. When Lost in the Forest
  5. From the Almanac of Last Things
  6. Spiritual
  7. Runes and Ritual
  8. Let Evening Come
  9. The Door Standing Open: On the Equator
  10. The Door Standing Open: Like a Girl
  11. The Door Standing Open: Vetus Flamma
  12. The Door Standing Open: With My God the Smith
  13. Close Your Eyes
  14. The Nightwatch: The Nightwatch
  15. The Nightwatch: Assurance
  16. Broken-faced Gargoyles
  17. String Quartet #2: 1st Movement
  18. String Quartet #2: 2nd Movement
  19. String Quartet #2: 3rd Movement
  20. String Quartet #2: 4th Movement